Alain Duchesne, is an unclassifiable artist with an exceptional career 
behind him and a dual regard, that of an expert in manipulating images, 
and that of a poet.

Outstanding this experienced visual artist certainly is, for he has only
chosen to exhibit his work after having filtered it exhaustively through
his own human and technical experiences. We are clearly struck by the
coherence of his aesthetical expression, which over and above its 
formal seduction, invites us to look behind the scenes. Duchesne is an 
artist who makes fundamental statements using forcerful methods.

His expression has its origins in his perfectly assumed poetic fragility
and his long experience as an art director in the field of advertising,
it immediately engages all our sense, sometimes however causing us
to wince. He invites us to reflect deeply on the image, work, man as 
a consumer and as a consumable. He is in fact essentially calling on 
us question the instrumentation and suffering of man who, becoming 
aware of his exploitation and solitude, refuses to consume the 
ready-made ideas of this communicating society and is faced his own 
anguish and ultimately his own death.

Drawing from an impressive corpus of media, he has created
different series of works in which each piece is possessed by his main
very personal and committed theme of terrible beauty, symbolized
by the "sublime thorns". The impact of his discourse owes much
to the perfection of its execution which highlights the extraordinary
paradox between the seriousness of his subject and the seduction
of the finished object.

Alain Duchesne lives and works in Paris.